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about samana

Samana Smart City is owned and managed by a team of well experienced professionals dealing with Constructions. Samana Smart City® is an independent business built on the passion of our Chairman Mr. Abdul Jabbar Satti and CEO Mr Amjad Satti. Samana Smart City A Housing Scheme with futuristic and innovative approach, where you can experience comfort, luxury and peaceful existence with world-class security services. We have built a place where you can cherish your dreams at affordable price. Through our expertise, quality and breadth of services we offer delivery that allows us to create exceptional value for our clients.

Chairman Message

Samana Smart City have invested a great deal in its workforce. Our staff and members are the backbone and pride of our establishment. Working together in a very productive environment we have completed many daunting projects including the high rise complexes, shopping malls, mosques, residential avenues. The list is just a mere glimpse of the diversity of construction projects that goes to our credit.

Our belief in putting the trust in our staff and faith in our valuable customers   have proven to be the hallmark of our success stories. The mutual trustworthy relationship with our clients has ensured in the delivery of best services and reaching total solutions. On behalf of Samana Smart City like to extend our gratitude for continually showing their confidence in our expertise. We promise to continue and outperform our targets in providing quality and solutions. And I would like to give my best wishes to all my team members be focused and be positive ahead. Stay Positive and Stay Humbled.


Chairman Samana Smart City

Mr. Abdul Jabbar Satti


abdul jabbar satti

CEO Message:

Samana Smart City deeply appreciates the unwavering support and interest of our customers. We at Samana Smart City will strive for customer satisfaction, as we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the company’s mission.
Since its establishment in 1992, Samana Smart City has conducted numerous projects which are monumental in the history of construction. These include, among others, the construction of UAE and Pakistan, construction and operation of new buildings.
One step further, Samana Smart City actively responds to the future changes in market by diversifying our businesses, such as entering a fuel cell business.
It was the support of customers that made the company what it is today, and we at Samana Smart City hope that customers will continue to provide such generous support and encouragement. Samana Smart City will strive not only to meet the expectations of our customers through enhancing quality and technology, but also to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.
Based on Samana Smart City people-oriented management philosophy, Samana Smart City will do its utmost to present customers with a better future.
Thank you.
CEO Samana Smart City
Mr. Amjad Satti